• Project management from vision to mission, strategy and action plan
    Project management

Clauwaert consultancy is your partner in project management for solutions regarding software and product development.

We collaborate with partners regarding software, electronics and hardware products.

Deal with manufacturing and mass productions.

Furthermore we concentrate on acquiring the right certifications that are necessary in the food, medical and industrial production.

As freelancer/consultants we are involved with many small sized and large companies regarding the production of their products.

Products involving management and development of software, hardware, mechanics and other technologies.

Our main specialities here cover the following area’s

  1. Idea and concept generation, approval, sparring
  2. Technical project management within software and hardware.
  3. Medical Device Certifications for the European and American Market.
  4. Devops, software verification, validation and testing.
  5. Computer vision, image analysis, drones, automation sensors and
    viirtual tours ( externe site)

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