The projects found below contain specific customer projects in different areas of engineering like project management, software development, hardware and electronics and others.



Organisation development with Scrum startup with training of Scrum Product Owners.

Introduction of Lean, Scrum as Scrum Master.

Project management for development projects in the IT business using Thorborg project management model. Read more about: Development projects in the IT-Business (DK) >>

Converting Stage Gate Model and adoption of PRINCE2 standard.

Certification of medical devices and the organisation in terms of FDA and ISO requirements.

Requirements engineering software tool. Case analysis based on somerville software engineering techniques. Read more about: Requirements engineering software tool >>

Information strategies for gathering, storing and using information from internet to intranet. (Willis)

Planning and collaboration using FrontPage extensions and team website creation.


Mobile internet technologies, values and organization structure of Ericsson and Nokia. Read more about: Mobile internet technologies >>

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) The customers, firms, implementation, technology compared to the future benefits and needed strategic support. Engineering approach study with Ericsson and Nokia. Read more about: MMS >>

Protocols for a multi protocol analyzer, including SS7, ISUP, SCCP, TUP, TCAP, ETSI, ISDN.

Hardware and electronics

Computer vision with inertial sensors for integration into vehicles and used for personal navigation purpose.

Security camera construction for covert operations.

Authentication scanner including camera and invisible light sources.

Single Block Semiconductor Power Amplifier construction and analog preamplifier.

Serial transmitter for a UART realized in a FPGA (Fast Programmable Gate Array) using standard logic devices and VHDL (Very High Description Language) programming.

Self-driving vehicle with servo-control system, magnetic sensors and 8086 microprocessor.

Programmable Logic Controller (controller and translator) for the 8088 microprocessor.

Linear Variable Power Supply design – electronics and layout.

Self centering bench vice, using CNC (Computer Numeric Control) and automatic cutter grinding, design performed on AutoCAD.

Windows and OS programming

Computer vision programming in Visual studio using C++, OpenCV, Python.

Database and medical device simulator using C# and web services.

Easy Windows Hard disk Explorer, using API (Advanced Programming Interface) functions.

Library system implemented in OOP (Object Orientated Programming) using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and use of patterns for improvements.

Satellite based oil spill detection covering, design, launch, orbits and radar systems.

Process Analyzer, diagnostic thread, dll and heap program for windows 95, using MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) and document templates.

The advantages and disadvantages of Linux as an operating system for the engineer.

Multi-threaded programming techniques using a C kernel and Java.

Construction of an OOP database scheme for interconnecting information with an image explorer.

Object oriented programming for creating an automated cinema control and vending system. From real life model to IT architecture. Read more about creating an automated cinema control and vendor machine. >>

Thumbnail image explorer using COM (Component Object Model) and Shell functions connected to a database with fast cross-linked SQL (Structured Query Language).

Programming interface for interconnecting C, Visual C, Vbasic, Pascal, Delphi, Java programs. Furthermore the creation of plug-in wizards for development.

Object Oriented programming: association, aggregations and composition in UML and OCL. Read more about association, aggregations and composition in UML and OCL. >>

Linux and Android

NFC setup, detection of tags and parsing of data for card transactions and network configuration.

Handheld camera’s implemented using linux with modified hardware.

Network router configuration through wireless communication.

Cardgame for keeping check on bridge cards and results on a tablet alike machine.

Signal processing

Ultrasound computations for reading of signals within different materials.

Neural networks used for speech recognition including training and optimization techniques.

Infinite Impulse Response filter design, prediction, source and speech coding on DSP. Read more about Speech Coding >>

V.32 Modem Transmitter DSP (Digital Signal Processing) – implementation and simulation.

Window-based Spectral Analysis and Finite Impulse Response-filter design on DSP.

Image processing

Structure from Motion to determine the position of a camera given by a 3d model when driving or moving around for creating of a navigation system not dependent on GPS.

Iterative Multi-gridding Algorithm for PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) Flow Measurement on PC/DSP.

Advanced 2D filtering module with spatial, median, statistical difference, Gaussian ISO11562 and Iterative ISO13565-1 wavelength separation filtering.

Advanced 2D Fourier filtering module with orientation module and tensors.

Depth map reconstruction from two images taken at a different position using Matlab.

Visualization module in 3D using OpenGL interactive design and construction of a user-friendly interface and expansion of a 3D animation module.

Stereoscopic camera calibration for motion estimation. Implementation in Visual C.