2020 – 2022 Qlife – QA / RA Manager – Medical IVD instrument for detection of Sars-CoV-2.
Homepage: https://www.egoo.health

2018 – 2019 Xnovotech – Software Manager – 3D X-Ray Microscopy Software for Carl Zeiss.
Homepage: https://www.xnovotech.com

2015 – 2018 Move Innovation & Spiromagic Senior Project Manager – Project manager for consultancy and QA director for Spriomagic. Creating of a QMS and certification as a medical device.
Homepage 1: https://www.moveinnovation.dk
Homepage 2: https://www.spiromagic.dk

2013 – 2015 SSBV-Rovsing, senior project manager – software and hardware for navigation based on computer vision and inertial sensors.
Homepage: https://www.rovsing.com

2012 Unisense Fertilitech, software manager – fertility medical devices. Now VitroLife
Homepage: https://www.vitrolife.com/
Product Homepage: https://www.vitrolife.com/products/time-lapse-systems/embryoscopeplus-time-lapse-system/

2009 – 2011 Dako Denmark, software manager – medical devices for cancer detection.
Homepage : https://www.agilent.com/
Product page : https://www.agilent.com/en/product/dako-omnis-solution-for-ihc-ish/dako-omnis

2005 – 2009 FractureCode Corporation, software manager – security solutions.
Homepage : https://www.fracturecode.com

2004 – CommWyse, senior developer – telecommunication simulations.

2003 – Dantec Measurement Technologies (Herlev, DK), developer – stereoscopic camera calibration for motion detection.
Homepage : https://www.dantecdynamics.com

2000-2003 – Image Metrology (Lyngby, DK), software manager – implementation of new image analysis algorithms, guidance of external consultancy and student groups, participation in nano-technology congresses and exhibitions worldwide.
Homepage : https://www.imagemet.com

1999-2000 – Dantec Measurement Technologies (Herlev, DK), developer – flow measurements theory investigation and development on PC and Texas Instruments DSP.
Homepage : https://www.dantecdynamics.com

1997-2000 – GN Nettest (Brøndby, DK), technical writer – development of telephone protocol help files. (SS7,ISUP,ISDN,TUP,SCCP, NMT,GSM,SMS,&ldots;). One year guidance of Bratislava group.
Homepage : https://www.anritsu.com

1996 – Yazoo, host bureau (Antwerpen, B) representant – launch of Canon Benelux bubble-jet printers for major distributors in Belgium and optimization of the demonstration process and material.
Homepage: https://www.canon.com

1996 – Yazoo, host bureau (Antwerpen, B) representant – launch of Packard Bell pc’s.
Homepage: https://www.packardbell.com

1993-1999 – Success Time International, host bureau (Antwerpen, B) – representant Philip Morris. guidance of activities like formula 1, beach actions, firm events. Freelance activities for Opel.
Homepages: https://www.successtime.be , https://www.philipmorris.com, https://www.opel.com

1991 – Exception, host bureau (Brussels, B) – representant for Philips, launch and presentation of CDI (CD-Interactive) to minor distributors in Belgium.
Homepage: https://www.philips.com

1990 – Mercedes (Zaventem, B) – registration customer for the truck department.
Homepage: https://www.mercedes.be

1989-1997 – Salons Schoeters, traiteur (Antwerpen, B) – servant and transporter.
Homepage: https://www.salonsschoeters.be